Brochures and catalogs


Brochure and catalogue


is the most important means of advertising that show the vision of companies and their products and ideas, which connects the ideas between the company and its customers by presenting visions, products, marketing presentations, work plans and other contents contained in the brochure to be presented to customers, either electronically or printed and to clarify what the facility to reach to its audience of users and Depending on the type of field in which the business operates.

The brochure, or so-called catalogue, is displayed on a paper that is often A4 size and is divided into more than one page in the same design on two or three sections or four sections on each side of the brochures to illustrate specific ideas of the company with a written history of the company and its vision of the market Or to offer new products to the company.

Holol marketing  team has a lot of creative designs for Brochure and Catalogue Which is flexible in content and used in reception offices for companies in order to save the time and effort of the employees in presenting the information more than once to each client separately, the brochures contain everything they want to deliver to the customer as well as the marketers in the promotion of the company's products and offers, and designs of Holol marketing  are easy to provide with free products and samples Which is presented to consumers to experience the product and designs are also characterized by beauty in the design and color-grading that attracts many new customers.


Brochure and catalog  - Tamayoz


The factors on which the brochure is designed


  1. Define the desired goal of the brochure, which will be designed in order to reach it.
  2. The data on which the content will be built to be a useful content for customers and to bring about the desired positive results.
  3. The structure of the brochure, which is made a complete scheme of it at the beginning on a sketch of paper.
  4. Organize data and organize content to be easy to read.
  5. Design a brochure on a design program.