graphic design


Graphic design


called visual art, a measure of taste and sense in the composition of colors and lines, it combines creativity and skill, perception and imagination in the transfer of the idea and deep designs that depict certain ideas and sent messages with a deep content to express the image or design in proper forms.

 Graphic design defined as a visual art that accessed by applying a set of rules and principles by using some programs to communicate a certain idea through design.


 Graphic design -Tamayoz


Holol marketing  designs characterized by color consistency in the integration of symbols and shapes, arranging ideas and turning dreams into reality. The combination of design elements requires much experience in the field, In Holol marketing  we combine the purposeful design to be descriptive of ideas, with messages addressed to the public and media design that conveys information to people.

Since a good design requires an open mind and wide imagination to put its artistic touches on the available information, to be a design is a painting full of creative ideas that activate the mind of those who seen so that it can reach the idea expressed by the design.


 Graphic design -Tamayoz


Elements of graphic design


  1. Fonts, including types such as straight lines, curled lines and intermittent lines.
  2. Shapes, including regular shapes such as circles and squares, including irregular shapes.
  3. Colors, including cold colors such as blue, derivatives, green and derivatives, including hot colors, red and derivatives, yellow and derivatives.
  4. Value, The degree of lighting in the design there are areas of light, dark areas and bright areas are more valuable than the dark areas.