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The form of design is the most important distinguishing feature of your site from other sites competing in the same field of your company. The first impression of the target visitor is whether he will continue to browse your site or quickly move to another competitor's site, so good design is the first step to attract visitors, a moderator for you and your company.

The design of the organization's logo is the most important step to create a large name in a simple way. Once it is given the concept and significance of the company represented by this logo, the design of the successful logo is the beginning to build a successful brand name and fame.

logo design - Tamayoz


The logo is an abbreviation of a particular brand, commodity or service in the form of a simple design in the form of a mark or words with certain lines or a picture. This logo used to represent countries, cities, bodies, companies, shops, etc. The flags of countries are slogans for them as well as clubs and sports teams International or local trade, each of them has its own logo and represents the company once its logo seen without the need to mention its name.

The logo design process for a company, website, body or shop ... is very difficult and not simple until you reach a professional logo representing the company and its idea while at the same time the efficiency of the design but with Holol marketing  for advertising services and graphic designs make sure that you will You get a professional design that represents your company and explains its scope and idea. 


logo design - Tamayoz


Characteristics of logo design for Holol marketing of advertising services and graphic design


  1. Individual logos are not transferred or imitated.
  2. Practical logos used in all domains and on the company's websites and can be printed on uniform, on the Cards and others.
  3. Flexible logos can be used in different sizes with high-resolution.
  4. Logos keep the general shape unchanged when printed on paper, cloth or leather.
  5. Logos featuring carefully selected colors and admired by all.
  6. Logos are compatible with the type of field in which the company operates.